Hello again,
To everyone this wonderful sunny Friday (i hope its sunny where you are, so glad its sunny today, its been flooding around here ; ; hopefully that nice warm sun will warm and dry everything up!).
Just wanted to let everyone know about this site I joined!
I’m now a bzzagent!

I’m lucky enough to be picked to join a BzzCampaigns for L’Oréal® Paris The One Sweep™ Eye Shadow and Double Extend™ Eye Illuminator Mascara,  I’m super excited to try it and let everyone know how I feel about it! So please keep checking back and once I try it I will let everyone know how I feel! Can’t wait!

Till next time,
Mrs. Frugal~Rayne

First coupon!

Hello again!
Last night, I went to the local family dollar to pick up one gain using my $3/1 coupon (my husband’s friend had a leftover $3/1 gain coupon =D and gave it to him) So in I went, walked to the back, found the 3$ gain (last one left, really the only gain left o.o;;) and grabbed it. I put it down on the register table and said I have a coupon, the moment the cashier saw it was $3/1, she was all like, “how did you get this?” .. “did you make this?” and she kept giving me the evil eye. I was like .. shocked .. however my husband who was with me, was like .. “I couldn’t make a fake coupon that well” and after she just stood there for a few moment s, she turned and then finally scanned it. After she had already scanned the coupon and it went though, my husband said jokingly “see it scanned, cant be a fake.” But the cashier didn’t look very happy and when she said my total was .28cents she had a major attitude. So my very first time using a coupon I have this happen, LOL, just my luck .. wont stop me though! I really got a high outta getting that deal! My husband said after we left and was walking to the car, that she was just jealous that she couldn’t save money like I just did, lmao!
So even though my first time was a little more stressing that I would have truly liked, it didn’t change the fact that I truly loved saving those 3 dollars! And i wish I had more of those coupons! LOL! I can’t wait till I’m a binder-having coupon having money saving queen!
BTW lol, on the binder topic! I’m starting to build it. I bought some baseball card holders at target (one of the only stores in my area that had them and had them 2 dollars cheaper! THANK YOU TARGET lol) However they didn’t have a zipper binder so I’m going to try staples or office max. Also I need PLASTIC tab dividers (was told by a awesome blog writer in her blog) that those were the best type to get. This site is awesome btw .. I’m totally addicted!
I also need a pencil holder with metal rings to hold my pen, scissors (which is also need) and a calculator (again I also need), however I have a iPhone, so I could just use that. The baseball card holders were 4.99 each and I got 4 packs! I KNOW .. I KNOW .. I’m just starting out (why do I need so many?!), but what we both of us thought, they only had the 4 left and no one else in the area, other than the higher price, had them, get them while we could for 2 dollars cheaper!
Till next time,
Mrs. Frugal~Rayne

First Find!

Hello again,
So last night/this morning. I went looking though the Sunday paper. I found some pretty OK coupons .. nothing really to go crazy about. But then I grabbed the ads. And there was my first coupon that a matched ad that = free. So I know what your thinking right “?!” < that was my first thought too! lol ~ But its at a drug store, and its one of those programs where you spend money and you make a in-store type credit. But with the item being 2.99 and then the store credit being -2.00 (or +2.oo in-store money) and my coupon being -1.00 = .01 cent back! (w00t) so basically free! So my very first item is free (toothpaste, if your wondering) lol! Pretty excited! But I still have fears, like OK ~ I do this (w00t) get x4 (limit of 4 boxes) boxes of free toothpaste (first stockpile item yayx2) but what if the in-store credit runs out before I use it … then I’ve bought toothpaste we normally don’t even get and spent money we didn’t have and wasted. But! As sadly as it is .. sometimes you DO have to spend a little to make a little. And if push comes to shove, I can always run to the drug store and get some toilet paper with the in-store credit lol. I just hope as the months fly by (and these days they do fly) I start to really get this couponing and start really saving a ton of money!
Till next time,
Mrs. Frugal~Rayne
Hello again!
Just wanted to post some really awesome coupon sites to get your started to your saving bliss! LOL
Forum type sites
And these next sites have some pretty good information (they are blogs)
I have read though all of these sites and they have some awesome information for beginners like us!
Till next time,
Mrs. Frugal~Rayne


Hello and welcome!
This is my first blog ever! How exciting huh?!! Lol. Well, I thought so anyways! =P
Earlier this week, I saw a show on TLC called Extreme Couponing.
Basically these people had grocery bill that came out to be hundreds of dollars (and one guy almost 6 grand) and walked way spending a few dollars. =O I know right?!
So i thought?!
If they can do it .. well!! So can I (and you! yes you!! reading this right now!)~ after spending a few days looking online and signing up for every coupon site and forum I could find.
I thought how fun would it be to blog about my progress!
So here we are!
I am hoping for lots and lots of savings!
Till next time,
Mrs. Frugal~ Rayne